Adrenal/Cortisol, Food sensitivities, Organic acids

Micronutrient, Stool, Body composition


Stress Management


Partner with me to develop a holistic plan specific to your health concerns and lifestyle.


The practice of functional nutrition puts an emphasis on food choices. Our bodies' imbalances, however, can be linked to not only our diet but may be affected by other factors including our daily habits, medical history, as well as our emotional state.

My comprehensive consultation includes a complete analysis of diet and lifestyle along with a program of practical ways to transform your health. Initial consultation also includes FDA approved Bioimpedance Analysis Testing which measures body composition, water balance, and cellular health.

Initial consultation services:         

Follow-up session:                              

Follow-up session package:                                              

Body composition testing:                     




House calls and skype appointments can be arranged.

$30 (as add-on service)


$60    1/2 hour

$150   hour

$200  4 sessions