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Hi! I'm Carolann

I believe living a well nourished life is within everyone's reach!

My mission is to show people how food and nutrition are the keys to unlock a better quality life: where you enjoy an active lifestyle, clearer thinking and have the knowledge to make educated dietary choices. I will help you prioritize your health so you can age feeling great, reduce or eliminate medications, look your best and embrace the importance of self care.


Your genetics are not your destiny, disease is not a fact of aging and you can reverse many chronic health conditions with diet and lifestyle modifications.


I am a clinical nutritionist with a functional medicine philosophy and I will work to uncover the obstacles keeping you from your best health. Over the last decade, I have seen an enormous increase in inflammatory conditions  and associated health issues such as heart disease, insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, and obesity alongside what is known as metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome refers to a cluster of conditions that occur together, such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels. Lifestyle modification with personalized nutrition can play a central role in the prevention, management and treatment of all of these conditions.


Using the healing power of food and redefining healthy habits, I have also helped clients deal with gut issues, allergies, hormone imbalance, general malaise or just those who want to “get back on track”.

My Approach

Using evidence based science relative to your individual health concerns and busy lifestyle, I will create a personal strategy that will integrate nutrition therapy, lifestyle modifications as well as targeted nutritional supplements. My compassionate, non judgmental style will empower you to use food and nutrition as the cornerstone to your best health.  


Along with having a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist (LDN). The CNS is one of only 2 certifications approved for licensure in the State of New Jersey. I bring over 10 years practical expertise as well as a lifelong passion for health and wellness to my clients at CCS Nutrition.


My qualifications include formal education and regular attendance at conferences and seminars on integrative medicine practices, as well as personal knowledge in dealing with chronic disease. I understand the profound importance of creating a sustainable roadmap and will work as your partner in navigating the right course for you.

What People are Saying

I began working with Carolann Salinardo in an attempt to cure my severe fatigue and mood swings. To say that Carolann was a godsend would be an understatement. She analyzed my lifestyle and devised a sound meal plan, eating schedule, and supplement regiment. After following her routine for a mere 4 months, I can say with certainty that I am stronger, more energetic, and more productive at work. I heartily recommend Carolann to anyone looking to unlock the secret to a happy and healthy life. - H.B. Seattle, WA

I started working with Carolann after suffering from severe allergies for over a year. I’d never had allergies before. I presumed the allergies to be seasonal, but they lasted year-round.


From the start of working with Carolann, it was clear that she was truly committed to finding a solution. She listened, asked many questions, was responsive, and created a very specific and customized plan for me to follow. She was transparent that it would not be easy, and that I would need to dedicate myself to the plan, which required me to drastically change my eating habits for a time. I followed through with all of her guidance and, while at times it was certainly difficult, it is now over one year later and I have not had any allergic symptoms or reactions.


Carolann’s approach asked me to take responsibility for my diet and regularly assess how foods made me feel. It encouraged me to listen to my body, observe how it reacts, and recognize that it is my responsibility to care for it. These were not new lessons for me, but her approach undoubtedly reinforced their importance. Carolann would regularly check in to see how I was doing. She always provided prompt answers and asked meaningful questions in return, which made me feel very supported the entire time I worked with her. - H.S. New York, NY

My doctor prescribed medication for my high blood pressure, and I wanted to take a holistic approach to getting it under control. With Carolann’s guidance, she recommended specific anti-inflammatory foods and supplements that got my blood pressure under control. I feel healthier than ever. Carolann takes time to understand your lifestyle, the foods you enjoy and the way you live your life so that the recommendations she makes are easily adaptable. 

- K.F. Cranford, NJ

I started working with Carolann because I was looking for a nutritionist who could guide me on my journey to live a healthy lifestyle.  She is so smart and articulate!  Her wealth of knowledge on health and nutrition is amazing, Carolann carefully explained information and provided handouts that I was able to refer to as I learned about nutrition and cellular health. I benefited most from learning about the specific nutrients that I needed to include in my daily life as well as the status of my cellular health. - M.B. Cranford, NJ

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