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CCS Nutrition LLC functional nutritionist

Welcome to CCS Nutrition LLC!

If This Sounds Familiar:


You are struggling to manage your weight despite your efforts to follow a healthy lifestyle and you just don’t know which foods are right for you.


You have one of the many manifestations of inflammation, such as heart disease and blood sugar imbalance, or an autoimmune condition and would prefer to work on diet and lifestyle before going on medications or you would like to reduce medications you are currently on.


You have digestive discomfort, yet your labs are “within normal range” and your doctor cannot offer you a solution.

You Are in the Right Place!


These health issues are not necessarily your destiny or a fact of aging and many can be reversed with lifestyle interventions.


Rather than getting lost in a sea of misinformation with trial-and-error programs or quizzes that are one size fits all, your unique biology requires a more personal approach. I use my experience as a licensed Clinical Nutritionist to uncover and work towards resolving the root causes of your health concerns and not simply manage your symptoms.

Personalized nutrition therapy with an integrative whole health solution.

What Every Client Can Expect

While you are required to make a commitment and ultimately will determine your own success, I will provide the education and guidance needed for you to build healthier habits. I will be your teacher, your coach, your personal expert every step of the way. Your result - not a diet but a lifestyle.

Strategies and support towards adopting a healthy stress response. The science is clear; both stress and sleep quality play a significant role in overall health. The truth is, you just can’t get there without optimizing these.

Non judgmental acceptance as you gain the confidence to take control of your health using the principles of food as medicine.

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Invest in Your Health and Future.

Meal planning that’s customized to support you with a realistic plan of action bringing energy and balance to your daily life.

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